Art Classes for Kids


Shouldn’t art be about inspiring children to think outside the box?


art-pic-1Our mission is to inspire. Inspire creativity and imagination while having fun.

Art~Kids~tic offers art classes for children from 2 years old to 12 years old. We offer classes in different locations throughout Central Florida. Locations are selected based on the current theme or simply to acknowledge the world around us. Sometimes we may be in a “classroom setting” but it may not always be the same location.


If we pay attention, we can notice it in nature all around us: a perfect spider web, the formation of ice crystals on the windowpane, even a close examination of our own animal natures. ~Addie Johnson

Our classes are carefully planned for each age group to ensure that all activities are fun, interesting and age appropriate! Our professional art teachers will teach different art techniques that help children use their creativity and think outside-the-box. Instruction will include projects with painting, drawing, crafts and more. The use of chalk, watercolors, pastels, clay, recycled materials and others will be incorporated.

Art supplies are provided by Art-Kids-tic. If you don’t have an Art-Kids-tic apron or t-shirt, dress your child to get messy!

Age Groups

  • 2-3 years old
  • 4-5 years old
  • 6-8 years old
  • 9-12 years old